We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

The thought behind what goes into an outdoor space is essential. It justifies how you use it, how often you use it and what you use it for. We want to take full grasp our projects and create the ultimate outdoor space for you and your family.

Our Story

As gardens have become the pinnacle of living and are now used as a space just like the indoors. We wanted to replicate the indoor main focus point, that being the fire. We feel a fire is a great touch that makes an outdoor space flow. It creates conversation and is a center piece that you can be proud of.

Our products are all weather proof and can  naturally age. They’re conventional and can be intergrated into many different shapes and sizes of outdoor spaces. 


Our ancestors have sat around camp fires – cooking and sharing stories for many years. We’re social human beings. It is embedded into our roots. In todays society, we can connect to the whole world yet have become more distant than ever. But when do we truly connect with one another? Usually, these moments occur around food, drinks and fire.

An Outdoor Lifestyle Concept

Outdoor Fires are designed for these moments of connection. The initial creation of Outdoor Fires was fuelled by a desire to create high quality outdoor fires. The concept was first introduced in London in 2014 and is now sold in more than 3 countries. Supported by a team of designers, engineers and craftsmen we have added a range of outdoor top-quality accessories to the line, making Outdoor Fires not just a product but a complete outdoor lifestyle concept.

All seasons

What drives the interest in the Outdoor Fires concept? We put it down to its unique minimalistic & modular craft, multi-functionality use and beautiful high quality design, which together create a completely new way of interacting with Outdoor Fires.