A Team of Passionate Outdoor Designers

We’re a team of engineers and designers ready to help make your project come to life. We are here to assist you with the most effective and efficient outdoor garden fires.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

The thought behind what goes into an outdoor space is essential. It justifies how you use it, how often you use it and what you use it for. We want to take full grasp our projects and create the ultimate outdoor space for you and your family.

Our Story

As gardens have become the pinnacle of living and are now used as a space just like the indoors. We wanted to replicate the indoor main focus point, that being the fire. We feel a fire is a great touch that makes an outdoor space flow. It creates conversation and is a center piece that you can be proud of.

Our products are all weather proof and can  naturally age. They’re conventional and can be intergrated into many different shapes and sizes of outdoor spaces. 

Our Design Process

This is our common process for designing and installing an outdoor fire for an outdoor space.


This is the planning stage. A survey is necessary to work out what will be involved, what products are best and how this can be exercuted.


This is the fun part! Choose from our wide range of outdoor fires. Our design team can evaluate and draw up designs best suited to your outdoor space. We will then create a quotation based on your specs.


This is installation of your outdoor fire. We have a team of engineers that will assist this process to make sure everything is safe and complies with regulations.

Commercial & Domestic Clientele

We have a wide rang of commercial and domestic clientele. Slight differences apply on the alternate industry sectors.